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 Jonathan Fudge 29th June 2010  
love the boats, love the 19 foot open boat, u have more pics on the open boat, and if so could u email them to me, and a friend of mine would like to know do u do motor packages and if so what kind of outboard motors? thanx if u coiuld email me the info

 Ben Andrews 19th June 2010  
I love my 198 a good rough water boat and a lot of good comments from boaters and fishermen in the area. Bryce Vokey is a gentleman and a man of his word I have never had the privilege of dealing with someone who blends professionalism and a personal touch so well. His workmanship is superb and always open to ideas and nothing is a problem. Bryce sir it has been a pleasure.

Stephenville, NL

 Edward Turnbull 6th June 2010  
Very pleased with the handling and the peformance of my boat Costal 198, Had lots of great comments and intrest from family and friends. I would pefer this boat to anyone. Thanks Bryce for everything, Edward.
Charlottetown Labrador.

 Dusty welshamn 17th May 2010  
Great boat Bryce and great food joy, thanks. see ya soon

 Dwayne Cull St Anthony 16th May 2010  
Test drove the 198WT a couple of weeks ago and ordered one right away. ETA late June and can't wait.

 Keith Warren West Port NL 16th May 2010  
I am really impressed with the 198 boat. It is an excellent rough water boat. I would recommend this boat to anyone that enjoys boating. Good comments from others that saw my boat.


 Tom & Darlene Hutchings Baie Verte NL 27th October 2009  
Really pleased with the performance and handling of the Coastal 209 and really good comments from die-hard boaters in the area.

 Bruce and kim Coombs 29th August 2009  
We have had our Coastal 209 since mid June 09. We have put on over 30 hours running and over 500 nautical miles. She's been on the Gulf Coast and also the North East Coast as far north as Harbour Deep. We've seen some pretty rough water and are really pleased with the performaance of the 209. We did ask for a few additional features on our boat and Bryce was just super to deal with. We've made lot's of memories already and I am sure many more to come. Thanks for everything Bryce.

Bruce and Kim in Pasadena, NL

 Joseph Legge 27th August 2009  
We own a new coastal 209,workmanship and quality is superb,a good roughwater boat.
Captain Joseph Legge,Kippens nl.

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