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 Chris Cuff, Lewisporte 13th July 2016  
I bought my new Coastal 209WA this spring and to sum it up in a few words this boat is awesome and I am so pleased with the boat and the customer service provided by Bryce and crew. I have tried the boat in different wind and sea conditions, the ride is smooth and clean, my wife and I along with our 4 dogs now travel first class in our 209. I recommend this boat to anyone who wants a top quality boat and an enjoyable experience on our coastal waters. I am looking forward to this fall to hunt Turrs in comfort from my 209. Thanks Bryce, keep up the good work!

 Les Walters 5th July 2016  
I,ve had my 198 coastal wt now three years and just love the boat, super finish and detail.Many great comments on the work quality, just a job very well done. And dealing with Bryce has been an absolute pleasure, Every time he will return your call and answer your questions. Keep up the good work Bryce,

 Mervyn Andersen 30th June 2016  
Coastal 198 is a beautiful boat, rides very well in rough water, doesn't cut around. It's well worth the investment. Bryce Vokey is very pleasant and easy to deal with. I would recommend this boat to anybody.

 Jordan Foss 29th June 2016  
Hats of to Bryce and crew, had my boat for 3 years now and everytime I step foot in it, it always puts a smile on my face, weather it's dragging for scallops or out at the cod fish. The boat never lets me down and the customer service is the best around always willing to help. Thanks again Bryce


 jeff Batstone, st johns 19th June 2016  
my brother in law purchased a coastal 198 wt couple years ago and luvs her. I looked at the coastal same time but decided to go with another local made boat mostly because the coastal cost more. after being in boat both boats many times i must say the extra money is will worth it. mine is up for sell and I'm having a coastal

 Chris Martin,Adeyytown 17th June 2016  
I have had my 198Wt for 5 years this month,every trip in her I realize more and more how good a boat it is and how well Bryce and his staff build them.It has been a joy to own and to talk to others who come to comment on my boat.These guys are so good to deal with and any questions I ever ask them they are promptly answered,so very helpful and giving of there talents.5 years of loving my Coastal198 and lots more to come.Thanks guys

 Hedley Parsons 12th June 2016  
I purchased my Coastal 198 WT this past spring. Prior to this I have had two 21' fibreglass boats and a 21' welded aluminum boat. This is without a doubt the best of the lot. Extremely "clean" and absolutely smooth, i.e. not the slightest bit of "porpoising". In addition the "fit & finish" is excellent. The above coupled with the fact that Bryce and the staff gave outstanding and accommodating service, allows me to readily recommend this boat.

Thank you!!

 Jim Ryan, Coley's Point 11th February 2016  
Purchased my 198 WT in 2013. From the recreational cod fishery to turr hunting, my boat has performed flawlessly in all types of weather. The fit and finish of Coastal boats is second to none. Bryce and has team offer superior service and go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. I firmly believe that Coastal Boats are far above its closest competitors. Would highly recommend this product to anyone.

 Darrell Hynes 11th February 2016  
198 WT Coastal Boat is fantastic. I have spent a lot of time out in Placentia Bay and have been out in some pretty rough conditions and the boat handles very well. I have also spent a lot of time towing the kids around on a tube in Jack's Pond, I chose to have the Yamaha 115 on the 198 WT. I have been aboard many boats both big and small and you guys definitely have something special with the line of boats you have designed and built. Keep up the good work as it shows in your product. To say I am a happy customer is an understatement.
Have a good one,

 Ross Lambert 28th November 2015  
Bought my Coastal 198 WT in 2013, have enjoyed many outings on it. One occasion stands out when myself and my brother were turring off Twillingate last November. A big lop struck broadside, if we had been in any other 20' open sea boat I think it would have been a different outcome. The other thing I would like to comment on is the excellent customer service. It is second to none. Would definitely recommend.

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