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 Abtoi 10th March 2018  
Лесная видеокамера фотоловушка -это GSM / MMS видеокамера для охоты.
Эта лесная камера может работать автономно до 6 месяцев, имеет датчик движения, ночное видение, встроенный дисплей 2”,
GSM модуль для связи и передачи данных на телефон или в Интернет через GPRS, управление через SMS, фотоотчёт в MMS.
12 MP, карты памяти до 32 Gb.

 Douglassef 10th March 2018  
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 Rickybit 9th March 2018  
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 Leroy Metcalfe 30th October 2017  
We got the 198 WT earlier this fall and got it out for a first run in less than ideal conditions. Trinity Bay, 3 ft swell and a bit of a wind lop coming from another direction. Usually a recipe for a good soaking but the Coastal handled it with ease and kept me dry. I was impressed with the boats sturdiness and capabilities in these conditions. We're looking forward to many hours on the water and I can't wait for the turr season to open next month. To echo many comments left by others, the seaworthiness of this boat is amazing. Thank you.

 Edgar Breen, Baie Verte NL 9th October 2017  
I heard about the COASTAL-VOKEY and visit the shop in Kings Point.
There was 3 or 4 boats in various stages , I was very impressed with the fit finish and flotation in a Coastal 198. This pass summer I passed out and ran into a cliff,there was holes in the front and one bottom, water was kept out by the flotation.
Beat up pretty badly myself, but managed to make it back home across 42 miles of open water and needed an Ambulance to remove me from boat.
I am here today to talk about it because of the boat and its flotation. Thank God I made the decision on a Coastal!

 Paul Mitchell 29th September 2017  
Had a coastal 198 open w/ flat deck arrive this summer, awesome boats in rough water! Easy to steam with the two 50 4-stroke Yamahas. Thanks for the awesome boat Bryce

Paul Mitchell, Makkovik Labrador

 Darren & Susan Bursey 21st August 2017  
We purchased the 198 W/T in April from Wiseman's. We are very pleased with our purchase. This boats fit and finish, & handling is second to none. Approximately 60 very enjoyable hours
on it so far this season, and hopefully more to go.
Very happy customers, that will continue to promote your boats..

 Bill Clench 30th April 2017  
Purchased the 198 center console with a 90hp from Wiseman. ..the best boat I've ever had...very satisfied customer

 Wayne pardy 25th April 2017  
Hi.will..For starters I was a inshore fisherman for 28 years and I know my boats I just purchased a 198 centre concle with a 115 hp Yamaha from I cross fortune Bay with winds gusting 50 kms.i couldn't believe how good it preform in the wind and how good it was on gas.the 115 hp was the right choice thanks Dave.for suggesting the 115 would be the right choice and the 198 is The best I have ever been on the water in thanks again wisemans and sales

 Dan and Lori Billard 11th March 2017  
We bought a 198 WT in Oct 2016 from Wiseman's. We have had a few boats in the past but this boat is by far the best boat we ever owned. We are very pleased with this boat. We emailed Bryce and he got back to us right away. He is very pleasant to deal with and very accommodating. We got excellent service from him as well as Wiseman's. Would definitely recommend this boat to anyone!! Keep us the great work.

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