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 Darrell Crocker 12th October 2015  
Our 198 WT got lots of use this week during the fishery. Hate messing her up with fish blood tho. Gave her a good cleaning when I pulled her up.

Thought you might like the name I picked out for my boat. I am an RCMP officer so I named her " CRIME PAYS ".

 Lon & Sheila Clark 20th September 2015  
I picked up my 198 w/t about four years ago with a 90 HP. Yamaha and we love it, great motor, love the boat. Had many complements on the boat since then.
I use it in all sea conditions,great boat! Thanks again for the extra work you done, really appreciate it.
Bryce your a man of your word and you give great customer service, couldn\'t ask for more. I wish you and your staff the best.

Thanks for everything
Lon & Sheila Stanhope NL.

 Sam and Justin Bishop 5th August 2015  
Well Bryce we've known each other for some time and knew by buying one of your boats we could not go wrong but we didn't know we could be this happy ,thanks for the service and our 198 WT is the best boat we could ever be on the water in.

 Jonathan Skinner 30th July 2015  
Went out a couple of days ago in this Coastal 209 WA to do a bit of recreational diving and on the way back we got caught in 30 knots of wind and 3 metre seas and the boat handled it flawlessly, it's nice to know that you will return home safe and sound when faced with these conditions. Hats off to the guys at coastline adventures for making such an awesome product!!!

 Darrell Crocker 4th July 2015  
I absolutely love my Coastal 198 WT. We checked out a lot of boats when we were buying but when I sat in yours, I was sold! Perfect size for my family, Just the right combination of practical and pleasure. Couple of fishing trips the wind came up and it was rough coming back. The boat handled wonderfully. I have the utmost confidence in her. Would recommend the boat to anyone.

P.S. My father in law loves the boat and prob uses it more than me. Doesn't even put his boat in the water anymore. If you knew him you would know that was a compliment.



 Terry Faye, Nova Scotia 4th July 2015  
Good Morning Bryce,
Got our 198 WT in the water the other day, Very stable, plenty of power with the 90 hp and so comfortable and roomy.
Long trip from Kings Point NL to South Shore Nova Scotia but well worth it. We love the boat.
Can’t wait to share it with our son when he visits from the North.
Quite a boat…our family and friends really can’t believe the quality of the crafts you build.
We were happy to have met you and your staff who all went the extra mile to get us underway. It was a pleasure to work with you and your team.


Terry FAYE

 Perry Warren, Margaree 19th June 2015  
Hi Bryce ,
Sending you some pictures of my 198 custom open. Beautiful boat for lobster fishing.
Absolutely loves her! She's the Boat for this racket for sure.


 Ama Fox, Nain labrador 14th June 2015  
Ive had my 198 Open for a while now, its wicked boat! just waiting on my trailer now.
Loves it, loves it, loves it I do. What a boat in rough water!
Good job on her Bryce.

 Edgar Breen, Baie Verte 13th June 2015  
Bryce, Very happy with my 198 WT, Boat is fantastic, handles very well in choppy waters, spent a night aboard already on trip to Little Harbour Deep. Had a chance to test her out on return trip, 3’ to 5’ chops and wind Western 25 knots out of White Bay, She took it like a trooper!

 Brad Hobbs, Goose Bay 8th June 2015  
HI Bryce ,
Got dad’s 209 WT today, magnificent ! WOW ! You do an excellent job.
Its been already 4 years since I purchased my 198 WT . Thanks again for the wonderful service.

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