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 Elotus & Joanne Sturge Valleyfield 31st October 2013  
Picked up my 19-8 WT in June 14, 2013. Bryce, the customer service was first class and very professional. I would and already recommend this boat to anyone. This craft turned a lot of heads in the harbour over the summer & reviews were very positive. People quoted “Best Boat On The Shore” The workmanship is flawless. I used the boat in the summer and fall food fishery, seas conditions were less than ideal and the boat handle real well. Looking forward to do some Turr hunting in December. Keep up the Great work and once again thank-you very much for everything.

Elotus & Joanne

 Nelson and Judy Rideout 3rd October 2013  
Picked up our boat on Saturday from Wisemans Sales and Service in Clarenville, beautiful job done by yourself & your guys.
We had it out & it runs great, it was well worth the wait. We've got lots of compliments on our Coastal 182 WT.
Great boat /great job!

Thanks Nelson & Judy

 Max Sheppard 15th September 2013  
Bought the 198 WT in June 2013. I almost bought one of those "American Imports" but I am glad that I went with a NEW Home-Built boat from Bryce and his crew. Workmanship is TOP-OF-THE-LINE and customer service is A++. Bryce goes way beyond to please his customers both before, during, and after the purchase - I couldn't ask for more. I would recommend this boat and especially this builder to anybody wanting to enjoy some great Newfoundland marine recreation.

Max Sheppard
Blanc Sablon, Quebec

 Wayne Tucker 21st August 2013  
Hi Bryce
I have used our 182 WT quite often both in the ocean and in the pond.
I am very happy with my choice to purchase her. She handles really well in the pond for towing the kids around and works really well in the ocean.

I had a problem with the radio but discovered the antenna wasn’t fully connected. Other than that everything is working fine.

Great boat and great job. She turns heads on the wharf.


 Paul Fudge 21st August 2013  
Bought our boat late last year from Wisemans sales and service in Clarenville, so far this year we used it quite a bit. We love it, we are not sorry for the choice we made.
We named our 182 WT “Wet Dream”.


Paul Fudge

 Ken Tucker, Lewisporte 24th July 2013  
I am very pleased with my Coastal 198WT. I have operated or been onboard of several pleasure boats over the years and the Coastal 198WT is number one with me. It gives a smooth clean ride, plenty of space for four adults, I used mine recreational cod fishing recently with three adults onboard, lots of space on deck and in the lockers in the console for storage.The quality of the boat and workmanship is excellent and I would recommend this boat to anyone for recreational use, Turr hunting, cod fishing or any other activity on our coastal waters.

 Tony Macdonald, St Albans, NL. 16th July 2013  
Hi Bryce, 60 hrs. and over 700miles on our 182 WT, we are more than happy with this boat.
Thank You!!!

 wayne vey 30th May 2013  
Ready to start our second season, last season was great.Good rough water boat,tellthat fellow in the picture to take off his yellow rubber cloths, he don't need them. The boat givs a very clean dry ride. No spray.I called last night about an item and your service was top notch as usual. loves me boat

 Craig Jenkins 15th March 2013  
Hello Bryce,
I had a great fall with the boat. Got myself a nice few turrs and had a bit of fun, lots of compliments on the boat especially on the craftsmanship. I am more than pleased with the my 198 WT and the great service that you provide.


 Nancy N Todd Moore Harrys Hr, NL. 2nd February 2013  
Great job Bryce and Staff !! We have really enjoyed our Coastal 182 WT, we put over 500 miles last summer, was out every chance we could get .. Beautiful Boats !

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